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The Paradisa Art Gallery is located near the center of town. The outside is brick with a small awning and two big picture windows. These windows are regularly coated with paint when Nora gets bored and decides to do murals on them. When you step through the door there's a small anteroom with bulletin boards on each side of the door for locals and residents alike to do postings. (Nora doesn't really regulate who posts or what is posted so it might get a little sketchy at times.)

Through the next doorway is the gallery proper. To the immediate right is a desk which is usually staffed by someone to give out a guide to what's showing at the moment, answer questions or take submissions. Right now there are no employees other than Nora so there isn't always someone sitting there. To the left is a half wall topped with smaller sculptures or other creations. If you keep walking straight forward there's a wall on the right with art hanging on it. Between the two walls are two leather benches. Against the back wall are a few doors. One is marked PRIVATE and leads to the back room where art that either doesn't fit or doesn't have a home yet is stored. This space can also be used for studio space if you ask the owner really nicely. In a small recess are the doors to the restrooms, men's and women's. Continuing around the corner to the right there's another door marked OFFICE. Completing the U-Turn around the half wall will bring you to another stretch with art hung on the wall and two leather benches in the middle of the walkway.

From the front of the Gallery if you turn right, past the desk, you'll come to the last section. On the left is a wall with art hung on it. To the right, however, the entire wall seems to have been painted black. The wall isn't just black, however. The entire wall is a chalk board. Small shelves are hung along it with every color of chalk imaginable. On the back wall there are more shelves hung with more chalk and other things that can be used to create art on the chalkboard wall. Step stools are also available. Every visitor is encouraged to write or draw something on the wall. Everything stays on the wall until it's either erased by another patron or when the wall's completely full at which time Nora wipes it clean.

Below is a complete list of all the artwork on display at the Gallery. The art is arranged by artist.

Jilly Coppercorn:

(used with permission from [personal profile] kyronae)

Steve Rogers

A painting of Rue by a lake

A painting of of every world change from Paris through the time he left (I'll track down which ones they were one of these days)

Peeta Mellark


Neal Caffrey

A statue of Paige Matthews
A sculpture of Cair Paradisa
Various landscapes of the grounds of Paradisa as seen from different places within the castle.
Landscapes of the grounds from outside the castle
Sketches of various rooms within the castle (i.e. The Lux, The Seasons Room)

Not on display: Forgeries of a few famous pieces


She'd discovered the ability to hold paint brushes in both her toes and hands, and had painted that way, sprawling on the canvas. The art had turned out abstract, but... not totally bad. After all, art is art, yes? And even in its abstractness, it still represented something to Chell. So she'd titled it, neatly, in her best handwriting, "How Ideas Are Born""

Nicholas St. North

A set of matrushka dolls

E. Aster Bunnymund

-A large rabbit hole in the corner of the Gallery floor with velvet ropes blocking it off. Next to it is a black sign with gold script that simply reads "Do you Believe?" (On the map linked below it's shown by the black square in one of the corners)
-Watercolor paintings of spring flowers

Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener  AKA Gren

Finger paintings done by his Paradisa-given son, Colby. All are of animals done completely in blue paint titled "Wildlife in Blue"

Amazingly, Nora does not have any art up on the walls at this time. She's decided to showcase everyone else. The entire Gallery is hers, after all, she's not going to use it to show off.

If anyone would like to contribute anything to the gallery you can either contact Nora ICly or reply here with a description of what it is and I'm add it! Feel free to hit me with any questions or anything, as well.

If you'd like to see the Gallery for yourself click here for a model I did up. Just, uh, ignore the fact that the sculptures kind of hover NEXT to the half wall.


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